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Although it's the warmer weather has taken it's time this year, fresh veggies are all around us. Gardens are quickly sprouting with our favourite greens including crunchy baby peas. Peas can be added to any stir fry or best eaten straight from the pod for an extra fresh crunch.  Why not add it to your next veggie platter to go with your favourite spring dip.

A long time Sarti spring dish favourite is the braised lamb. With only a month left of spring, lamb is best served during the spring season as a tender flavourful dish. We recommend adding fresh minted peas when cooking with lamb.  Here is a quick how to on cooking up this spring dish.

  1. Cook lamb over medium heat for 3-4 minutes on each side. 
  2. Add one red onion, halved and sliced. Cook until soft.
  3. Boil 4 cups of shelled fresh peas (or desired amount) for 3 - 4 minutes. 
  4. Serve with lamb, onions and any other fresh veggies you can get your hands on.

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